K-R-A-M | S-K-A-M Ensemble feat. Reactive Ensemble

S-K-A-M feat Reactive Ensemble

»K-R-A-M | S-K-A-M Ensemble feat. Reactive Ensemble«
neue Musik für Stimme, Instrumenten und Multimedia

Im Rahmen von K-R-A-M I/O

Sa. 10.12.2016 | 20:00 | Kunstraum34
Filderstraße 34 – 70180 Stuttgart

Einlass: 19:30 (Bar geöffnet)

Eintrittspreis : € 10,- / erm. 8,-

MIT S-K-A-M Ensemble : Se-Mi Hwuang (Schlagzeug), Nikola Lutz (Saxophon), Stefanie Mirwald (Akkordeon), Céline Papion (Violoncello), Alessia Park (Sopran), Agata Zięba (Bratsche)
& Reactive Ensemble : Remmy Canedo (Computermusik, Klangregie)

WERKE VON Remmy Canedo (UA), Gordon Kampe (UA), Dionysios Papanicolaou (UA), Luís Antunes Pena, Theodor Schubach (UA)

“Hearing is an unique experience for every human. Even though we have consensual agreement about signification, our perception works as an independent system with cultural connotations. With this concert program we would like to invite the audience to experiment with the perceptual singularity, confronting the comprehension with an exclusive hearing experience based in musical extremes that put in question the awareness of opposite musical concepts (like soft/loud, long/short, bright/dark, etc). The program will include new and old pieces in various instrumental combinations, intermixing sound textures, noise & colours; an evening of perceptual joy and contradiction.” Remmy Canedo

GEFÖRERT DURCH Kulturamt Stuttgart & Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung & Kunst Baden-Württemberg


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